uPVC Window Repairs Leicester

uPVC window Repairs Leicester

When making a search for uPVC Window Repairs near me look no further than uPVC Window Repairs Leicestershire with a local team highly experienced in all aspects of Window repairs and are available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. We cover Double Glazed Window Repairs, repairs to uPVC Window Handles, Hinges, Locks, Lock Mechanisms, Gearboxes, Hooks, Cables and provide any parts required. Leicestershire Locksmiths are a fully insured company with a 100% no hassle guarantee for our workmanship. Our competitive affordable prices with No Call Out Charges driven by our Best Value Policy, mean we offer the best value in Leicestershire for all sectors where all parts fitted come with a 12 month guarantee. If you need a team with the skills and solutions to fix any of your uPVC Window issues, call for a FREE No Obligation Quote where the price quoted is the price you pay and a same day appointment from our friendly and reliable team who work quickly and efficiently making us a company you can rely on. 0116 442 2087

Emergency uPVC Window Repairs in Leicester

If you have a problem with a uPVC Window that cannot wait, call our Emergency uPVC Window Repairs in Leicestershire. Working around the clock 7 days a week we are always available and you will never be left without help in keeping your property secure. With a super quick response time a member of our Emergency team will be immediately despatched out to you aiming to arrive within 15 minutes fully equipped to do whatever the job entails. It may be, your Windows have been broken accidentally, through storm damage or criminal damage and Window Boarding is necessary. We install Boarding for Window, Door or Shopfront Display Windows and arrange a 24hr Glass Replacement Service. If the handle on your window is damaged and the window can’t be shut, call us to maintain security on your property or building. Payments can be made in cash, by card in person or over the phone from a third party, whatever is easiest for you. Whatever the problem, save yourself time, money and stress in an Emergency situation by having our number saved in your phone for anytime you need an Emergency Window Repair in Leicestershire and we will be there to restore security and peace of mind.

uPVC Window Handles and Locks

Our professional and experienced team are adept at sorting problems with uPVC Windows, Handles and Locks including the inner Locking Mechanisms offering an immediate solution to diagnose and repair all faults. Many faults can start with the handle and Espagnolette Handles are most commonly found on uPVC Windows, identified by the square spindle that projects out from the back of the handle which come in different sizes but if incorrect, will affect the function of the handle. Espagnolette Handles are available in two different designs but work in the same way by moving a sequence of locks into place around the edge of the window. The Inline or Universal handle is straight and the Cranked Handle has left or right handed options. More commonly found on older windows is the Cockspur Handle also available with right and left handed options, however without a spindle, is considered to be less secure than the Espagnolette versions. The Handle is likely to be the first part to alert you of a fault with the Lock Mechanism or the Gearbox located within the Window by not being able to lock the window securely. If you are having to use force to close and lock a window, bent or faulty Hinges also can affect and place added stress on the handle and the lock. If the keys to lock a uPVC Window have been lost it depends on the age of the handle as it is sometimes easier to change the handle and get a new set of keys than to search for keys for the exact lock with such a wide variety of manufacturers on the market today. A replacement part is always going to be the most cost effective way of dealing with a problem with your uPVC Window and our team are happy to visit and carry out an assessment for any uPVC Window faults having a readily available stock of all types of Handles, Lock Mechanism and Gearbox replacement parts to fix the right part quickly and efficiently.

Draughts and Leaks

If the sash and the seal are not compressing tightly and evenly against each other along the length of the lock side of the window and stop the window from closing tightly, this can cause a whistling draught. A uPVC Window should be lining up precisely as it is closed and a window that is correctly aligned should have no gaps. Faulty Hinges are usually the main cause of misalignment through wear and tear or damage from accumulated dirt within the hinges. They are one of the key parts that can cause a draught and leaks from your window and the reason why a window doesn’t open and close freely. Leaks can also be caused by a window that has been fitted incorrectly and in older windows it could be due to wear and tear or a damaged frame. Working quickly and efficiently, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to assess and advise you on the best solution. Get in touch anytime for a FREE No Obligation Quote, a same day appointment and rely on our experienced team to prevent leaks from damaging sills and paintwork, avoiding costly repairs at a later date because of further damage, or to replace the hinges and ensure the window closes securely and tightly for a safe draught free uPVC Window.

Double Glazed Window Repairs

Working to Current Health and Safety Regulations, all the Glass we fit conforms to the British Energy and Safety Standard. Double Glazing is two panes of hermetically sealed glass with a gap of around 16mm between the panes where the air trapped inside gives double glazing its insulating properties enabling it to keep the heat in. Seals that are faulty or disintegrating allow the trapped air to escape and this can cause condensation or misting between the two panes of glass which left uncorrected will eventually reduce the thermal properties and increase heating bills. Water vapor can be carried through high pressure from Bathrooms and Kitchens into other rooms around the house that have a lower pressure and levels of condensation can be reduced by good ventilation and increasing the air temperature during cold weather. Both these things will help to keep condensation to a minimum but will not provide a solution to the problem. You don’t have to put up with the annoying and unsightly Condensation problem, allow our experienced team to restore the clear view from your window by replacing and resealing the glass leaving the original frame intact. It is possible if you want to take the opportunity whilst having the glass replaced, to upgrade to an A-Rated energy efficient K Glass and we are happy to discuss all options available. We can be contacted by phone, email or by requesting a call back and a Double Glazing expert will get right back to you.

What Types of Glass Are Available?

Glass plays a significant part in maintaining energy efficiency in the home and it is important to us to fulfill customer requirements and provide the exact Glass requested. In order to be able to comply we have a comprehensive range of Glass options to offer you. First of all, we cover an extensive area of Glazing needs for all types of buildings in the Residential, Retail and Commercial sectors with Plain Windows, Double Glazed Windows, Tilt and Turn and Sash Windows, also Conservatories, Patio Doors, Shopfronts, Skylights and Glass Door Panels for Homes, Offices, Business premises, Schools, Pubs and Hotels. We supply and fit Double Glazing that is used in uPVC Windows, Toughened Glass used in critical areas at home or in the workplace, Energy Saving K Glass that lets the heat in and keeps it in reaping the benefit during the cold winter season as it effectively preserves heat without any means of escape which is great for lower winter energy bills. Self Cleaning Glass which has an everlasting lifelong coating that uses the forces of nature to naturally and effectively deal with breaking down and washing away organic dirt such as bird droppings. This type of glass is suitable for Skylights, Conservatory Roofs and in Commercial settings. Frosted Glass for bathrooms or wherever you want some privacy. Available for doors and windows in both Residential and Commercial settings. We also offer an up to date, modern selection of Decorative, and Patterned Glass including the popular traditional design of Georgian Bar Glass and if required we can supply and fit Glass with Lead Work. All of your Glass Replacement requirements can be catered for and even though we often only replace the pane, we can also replace the frame if required to do so and offer the flexibility of replacing one pane at a time if multiple Glass Replacement is called for.

For any types of glass not mentioned here that you may be interested in, have questions about or just need more details, give us a call as we will be happy to look into sourcing a particular type of glass for you or give as much information as you need about the process. Call our Leicester Glass Replacement Service with confidence, our Glass Replacement team work on getting the job done professionally, with no hassle and cleaning up as they go, taking pride in delivering high standards and a job well done.

uPVC Window Repairs Services

  • Double Glazed Window Repairs
  • Are your double glazed windows suffering from condensation? not to worry we can repair the double glazing.
  • uPVC Window Handles
  • Just like with doors, windows too can suffer with flimsy and broken handles accruing after continues use.
  • uPVC Window Locks
  • Faulty window locks to snapped keys within the lock, we can replace all types of upvc window locks.
  • uPVC Window Hinges
  • Another common fault with windows can be the hinges, whether that's through force or age related.
  • uPVC Window Lock Mechanism
  • uPVC window mechanism is one of the most common faults found, as with all parts, the mechanism is known to become faulty in time.
  • uPVC Window Gearbox
  • Like with the window mechanism, the window gearbox too can become faulty after continues use, we can access the windows prior to carrying out any work.
  • uPVC Window Spare Parts
  • Available we have all spare parts for uPVC windows, be that new handles, hinges, mechanism's, gearboxes, lock cylinders, we'll be sure to cater for all your requirements.
  • uPVC Window Hook
  • Window restrictors and child lock restrictors are an excellent safety feature to have fitted if you have children around or people with disabilities, this should hopefully give some peace of mind you have the windows covered for safety within your home.
  • uPVC Window Cable
  • A window cable is another example of a window restrictor available on the market, these are one of the best safety features you could implement. Talk to us for some friendly advice.