Locksmith Hinckley

Locksmith Hinckley Our Locksmiths in Hinckley are always up to date with the best practices in all aspects of the Locksmith trade for both the Residential and Commercial sectors. We are a fully insured, well established company that can be relied upon to deliver 100% guaranteed quality workmanship at competitive affordable prices maintained by our Best Value Policy for all our services. An Emergency Locksmith. uPVC Door and Window Repairs. Lock Installations, Repairs and Changes. Specialist Safe and Vault Work and an Auto Locksmith offering a Vehicle Unlocking Service providing excellent reliability 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Businesses have a professional and trustworthy team of local Commercial Locksmiths that understand your business at the end of the phone with a Long Term Locksmith Service Contract. We give FREE No Obligation Quotes which is the price you pay as we don’t charge for Call Outs nor do we add on hidden extras onto the bill at the end. Same day appointments are available or you can book in a day and time to suit you. Payments are accepted in cash or by debit card in person or over the phone from a third party. We are a company that has an excellent reputation for high work standards, great customer service and taking pride in doing a good job so you can rest assured you will be well looked after by our friendly local Locksmiths in Hinckley. Read on for more details on our services.

Emergency Locksmith

When an Emergency strikes you need a professional team for the job that you can rely on. Our experienced Emergency Locksmith Team in Hinckley are ready for your call with fast response times any time of the day or night 365 days of the year if you are locked out of the house, have a key that has snapped in the lock and you are unable to lock the door, you have been broken into or had windows broken through vandalism or your keys are lost or have been stolen and you need an urgent Lock Change. We can open any door using specialist tools and skills that will cause no damage, leaving the lock functioning as before so that you can use the same set of keys. We have a professional Boarding Up Service for broken panes of glass whether it’s a Window, in a Door or a Shopfront. Using strong quality boarding materials installed from the inside, the team work quickly and efficiently restoring secure protection whilst adhering to Health and Safety Regulations including cleaning up the broken glass which will be removed from the scene and this is followed up with a 24 hour Glass Replacement with a selection of glass types available. Other Emergency call types include Damage Repairs made by forced entry and Safe Opening. Always here when you need us most, keep our number in your phone so you know who to call, that will be reliable and get the job done.

uPVC Door Repairs

Our uPVC Door Repair Team offers a comprehensive Service available to fix any faults that can occur with uPVC, Composite and Wooden Doors. When Misalignment occurs it causes the door to sag or just not sit straight within the frame. This can make the door difficult to open or close smoothly and you may find draughts appear. Misalignment is usually caused by the Hinges which may have worn, become damaged or may be unable to support the weight of the door. With extensive experience in Door fitting and realignment techniques we will soon have your door sitting straight. A problem Locking the door could point to an issue within the Lock Mechanism. The Door Lock Case or the Gearbox which is attached to the back of the faceplate can also be affected. It’s the Door Handle that can give the first indication that there is a problem with the door. A misaligned door will put pressure on a handle. A problem with the tubular latch can cause a handle to stick or become stiff and a spindle that is too long can render the handle useless and capable of locking you out. If there is a need for a replacement handle, we have a large selection of exterior, interior and high security door handles to choose from. The versatility of a uPVC Door allows the Panels to be replaced individually and we stock different Panel thicknesses of 26mm, 27mm and 28mm to get the right fit for your door. Whatever the issue, if you are not sure where the problem lies, no job is too small for us and we are happy to come out and assess the door for you with a FREE No Obligation Quote to put it right.

uPVC Door Accessories

If you want to make your house stand out from the crowd, we have a selection of Brand New uPVC and Composite Doors for you to choose from. The popular uPVC Door with its low maintenance and clean white panelled look is available with or without the decorative Glass Inserts. Our Door-Stop range of Composite Doors combine the very best features of uPVC and Wooden Doors producing a quality Door that is hard to beat for Energy Efficiency, Strength and Security. Composite Doors look great in any of the vibrant colours on offer and are available in Contemporary or Traditional designs. Whichever door you choose, our experienced Door Fitters will see you through your new front door journey from start to finish. View all the Doors online or by requesting a brochure. If you would like to customize your new or existing Front Door we have on offer Letterplates and Letterboxes that come in different widths to suit the door, stylish Door Knockers and a wide range of Handles. For a co-ordinated look, all of these door accessories come in a selection of matching shades and finishes. Other items include Numerals and Number Plates for the front of the house in different colours and styles and Pet Flaps can be fitted or removed with an original panel replaced. Door Hinge and Finger Protectors to guard against fingers getting trapped, Window Hooks and Cables that restrict how far a window can open and a Child Lock restrictor which prevents children from opening the window at all. Always happy to answer any questions with no pressure from us, just call if you require any advice on making the right choice for your home.

Lock Change

If you are looking for a Locksmith to carry out Lock Installations, Lock Changes or Upgrades you need a team that has integrity with extensive experience and knowledge in all types of Locking Solutions and a policy of 100% guarantee in quality workmanship. We work with all classifications of locks used in Commercial, Residential and Security settings. Euro Cylinder locks are popular as they are easy to use and straightforward to upgrade which is done by changing the cylinder within the lock. The Lock we fit most often and use as a standard is the Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock which has the additional security features of being Anti Pick and Anti Drill. It is also an ideal counterpart for the Multipoint Lock commonly found in uPVC and Composite Doors and if used in multiple doors, the keys can be keyed alike. Moving into a New Home or Business Premises is an ideal time to change external locks as there may be copies of keys for the existing Locks and it gives peace of mind that you are the only one with keys to access the property. Mortice Locks are commonly found on external Timber and Wooden Doors but also useful for controlling access on internal doors. Mortice Locks are available in an untested 2 Lever version up to the security tested BS3621 5 Lever Mortice Lock which displays the Kitemark of proven testing and incorporate hard plates to protect against drilling. If the Mortice Lock is less than a 5 Lever and doesn’t meet the British Standard, in order that appropriate security levels are maintained on external doors a B3621 Yale Lock or Night Latch should be fitted. We also fit Digital Locks, Smart Locks and Keyless Entry Systems. Through our trusted and branded suppliers such as ASEC, Avocet, ERA, Fullex, G.U, Fab&Fix, Fuhr, Mila, Millenco, Union, Winkhaus and Yale to name a few, we are not only able to install locks for doors but also have a range of options for Electric Garage Doors, Up and Over Garage Doors, Sheds, Outdoor Storage Units, Perimeter Gates and even Electric Meter Boxes. Finally, for a real investment upgrade in security, consider the Ultion Brisant Secure Lock that has a £1000 money back guarantee against being broken into through Lock Snapping during the 10 year warranty period. Whatever type of Lock you require, we have all the Locking Solutions you could ever need and a friendly, trustworthy team ready to carry out the Installation.

Commercial Locksmith

Being able to quickly and efficiently provide timely solutions for sometimes complex security issues in a commercial setting is what our Locksmiths in Hinckley are best at. It makes good business sense to have a professional and trustworthy team of local Commercial Locksmiths that understand your business with one of our long term 24/7 Locksmith Service Contracts covering Door Opening, High Security Lock Changes, Roller Shutter Door installation and repair, Emergency Door Hardware, Push Bars and Push Pads, repairs for Fire Door and Fire Safety Door Mechanisms. Shopfront Window Boarding through vandalism or just for reasons of temporary privacy with 24 hour Glass Replacement also available. All types of Locks used in a Commercial environment are supplied, installed, repaired or changed such as High Security Locks, Master Key Systems that regulate access to different areas, Keyless Systems, Keypad Locks, Digital Locks, Shutter Locks and Door Closers. Let us deal with Out of Hours calls to Landlords, Property Management Firms and Student Lettings with a Service Contract offering customized payment methods on behalf of the tenants. Our Professional Safe and Vault Engineers are available 24 hours a day for Safe Fitting, Opening and Repairs, opening Key Lock, Combination and Digital Safes. Bank Vault Door Removal, Relocation of the Vault, Vault Removal and Disposal available for all sizes of Vaults and also co-ordinating all aspects of a Company nationwide relocation that requires a full Vault Room to be disassembled, transported and restored at the new site. Our Commercial Locksmith Team are fully experienced in all services and deliver peace of mind that is required by the business sector with a consistency in knowing that a professional service is being delivered every time whether you are a large national company or a small local tradesman.

uPVC Window Repairs

Are you looking for no hassle guaranteed workmanship for repairs on your uPVC Window? Look no further as we always have a member of our Window Repair Team near to where you live with same day appointment availability. We are adept at sorting problems with uPVC Window Handles and the inner Locking Mechanism or the Gearbox, offering an immediate solution to diagnose and repair all faults that can occur with Handles and Locks. A uPVC Window Handle, the Espagnolette Handle has two versions, the Inline and the Cranked Handle. These handles have a spindle that comes out of the back identifying them as an Espag Type. The Inline handle or Universal Handle is straight and can turn to the right or left. The Cranked Handle has a right or left handed option. A Cockspur Handle found on older windows has a spur that fits onto a wedge. These Handles also have left and right options. We also have Tilt and Turn Handles and all these handles can be replaced if faulty. It is the air trapped inside the gap that gives double glazing its insulating properties enabling it to keep the heat in and if there is condensation misting or fogging between the two panes of glass, the window loses the benefits of insulation and the reason is usually because of failing or faulty seals slowly releasing the trapped air. Call for our highly trained team to replace and reseal the Double Glazing and restore your clear view. If the sash and the seal don’t compress tightly against each other along the length of the lock side as they should when you shut the window, the fault usually lies with the Hinges as a window that is correctly aligned should have no gaps. We can replace the Hinges so the window works as good as new. Window Repairs can be seen as small jobs but they can create a big gap in your overall security so don’t leave what appears to be a small fault to worsen. Take advantage of meeting our friendly team where all parts come with a 12 month warranty. and our quality workmanship will soon have you smiling again.

Auto Locksmith

Good quality Auto Locksmiths who can open vehicle locks using specialist precision Auto specific lock picking tools that cause no damage to the door, the lock or the paintwork allowing the same key to function as before can be hard to find, so we have good news for motorists in Hinckley if you have ever locked your keys in the car and not known who to call as we have a number for you to store in your phone for a 24 hour fast response to your dilemma for Unlocking Doors and Boots, Side Doors, Back Doors, Cabs, Security Chains and Steering Wheel Locks for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Lorries. We can remove keys snapped in the lock but you will need a spare key available to continue your journey. Motorcycle Unlocking Services include Ignition and Fuel Cap Unlocking, Seat Compartment and Pillion Seat Unlocking as well as unlocking and Removal of the heavy duty Padlocks or Security Chains. Payments are accepted in cash or by card in person or over the phone from family or friends in case you are left stranded without funds. Maybe one day when you least expect it, you will be glad you saved our Auto Locksmith In Hinckley number in your phone.

Crime Prevention In Hinckley

As a Locksmith company covering the Hinckley area it is important to us that we are available when needed for Lock Changes, Repairs and Replacements as well as carrying out Door and Window repairs ensuring that your security is always as good as it can be and you and your Property are protected. We have on offer a selection of additional security products that you may find useful. Spy Holes in varying strengths for a clear view are an effective way of identification before opening the door as are Door Chains that restrict the door from opening to its full extent and Letterbox and Letterplate Restrictors will create a block for hands with a stick or wire coat hanger that could be fishing around for your car keys. We have WiFi Viewing Cameras that link up to the TV and a range of Residential and Commercial CCTV and Alarm Systems. Call for a chat if you have any safety or security concerns about your home or business and we will be happy to advise you with all types of Security and Locking Solutions.