Locksmith Evington

Locksmith Evington Why should you use our Locksmiths in Evington? Because when you need a well established, fully insured and trustworthy Locksmith Company you can rely on that takes pride in its work, delivers 100% guaranteed quality workmanship and has a Best Value Policy that offers competitive and affordable rates, we will be there for you. Leicestershire Locksmiths deliver services that cover both Residential and Commercial sectors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an Emergency Locksmith Service. uPVC Door and Window Repairs. Lock Installations, Changes, Repairs and Replacement. Safe and Vault Work that includes Opening, Repairing and Relocation. A Vehicle Unlocking Service. Long Term Business Locksmith Service Contracts. Sales and Fitting of New uPVC Doors, Door Accessories and Security Products. Call us for a FREE No Obligation Quote which is the price you pay with no Call Out Charges added on at the end and get the option of a same day appointment or book in a day and time to suit you. We give you the name of the Locksmith who will be attending and a time of arrival so you know exactly what’s going on. Evington is a busy and vibrant area that has businesses and homes that would all benefit from having a local Locksmith Company experienced in all aspects of the trade, available 365 days of the year and committed to giving you the best service dedicated to repairing, restoring, maintaining or improving your security. Read on for more details on each of our services.

Emergency Locksmith

We deliver a fast and reliable 24 hour Emergency Service in Evington where our Locksmiths arrive on site fully equipped and ready to get to work for all Residential and Commercial Call-Outs whatever the cause. Are you locked out of your house, have Windows been broken by accident or when your home was broken into, have vandals smashed your shop window? We carry out Lock Repairs or Replacement, Urgent Lock Changes, Safe Opening and Repairs, Burglary Damage Repairs, Security Lock Installation plus re-Secure Homes and Businesses all at a moments notice. If you are Locked Out in Evington, we can quickly gain entry with no damage to the Lock, Door or Paintwork leaving everything as working as before. Our Window Boarding service complies with all current Health and Safety Regulations using quality heavy duty Boarding materials that will provide solid security and protection until the area can be re-glazed. There is no size limit to Boarding and our 24 hour Glass Replacement Service covers a wide range of different Glass types. To cover all eventualities, payments can be made in Cash or by Debit Card in person or over the phone so call us first for a fast and efficient Emergency service that you can rely on.

uPVC Door Repairs

Whatever problem you have with a door, our uPVC Door Repair Team will come out at any time to carry out Repairs or fit Replacement Parts for faults that occur on any doors such as uPVC, Composite, Wooden and all types of Commercial Doors. Door Frame Repairs, repair or replacement of Faulty Door Handles, Lock Mechanisms and Gearbox faults causing problems with locking the door properly are all issues that will be expertly dealt with by our experienced team. An issue with the actual locking process could indicate a problem with the Locking Mechanism or the Gearbox. Handles becoming flimsy or stuck in position may be just a broken spring but can point to a problem elsewhere with the multipoint locking system. It is important that a door has been correctly fitted and the hinges used are the correct ones to support the weight of the door. Misalignment can put pressure on other parts making the door difficult to open or close smoothly, affecting the energy efficiency creating draughts caused by the gaps. Damaged or worn uPVC Panels can be individually replaced using our superior uPVC Panels that incorporate MDF in the core instead of the cheaper Polystyrene filled version. Their availability in different thicknesses of 26mm, 27mm and 28mm allows us to match the panel to your door and replace individual or multiple door panels. We also remove broken or damaged Door Glass Panels too with a choice of Decorative, Frosted or Plain Glass replacements. Give us a call, send an email or request a Callback for a FREE No Obligation Quote and a quick and efficient Door Repair Service.

uPVC Door Accessories

Take advantage of our Brand New uPVC or Composite Door Service that will take you from choosing a popular clean white panelled uPVC Door, available with or without decorative Glass Inserts or one of the Door-Stop range of Composite Doors offering the choice of modern or traditional designs in classic and vibrant colours right through to us professionally fitting a door that you will be proud to show off. Our impressive selection of Brand New uPVC and Composite Doors can be viewed online or by requesting a brochure. However, you don’t need a Brand New Front Door to have coordinated accessories and you can choose from Classic or Modern Door Handles, Door Knockers and Letterplates and Letterboxes available in different widths to suit the Door. All these Door Accessories are available in matching shades and finishes. Don’t miss deliveries with Numerals for the front of the house that come in a range of colours and styles that will make sure you get noticed. Call us to install Pet Flaps or remove unwanted ones and we will replace the uPVC Panel. Hinge and Finger Protectors can save little fingers from getting trapped. The Child Lock Restrictor prevents a window from opening, Window Hooks and Cables allow partial opening of a window, useful not only with small children around but if you have a disability and are unable to fully reach out. Feel free to call us anytime for more information regarding the Doors or Accessories for honest advice and no sales pressure from us.

Lock Change

An ideal time to think about changing Locks is when you move into a new home or business and Locksmiths in Evington will Install, Change, Repair and Upgrade Locks anywhere you want them. The Lock we fit as a standard into uPVC and Composite Doors is the Euro Cylinder Anti Snap Lock that comes with five keys and is the ideal lock to work in conjunction with the Multipoint Lock already installed in these Door types. It’s a proven excellent lock that requires a key for both sides of the door and has the additional protection of Anti Pick and Anti Drill features. This Lock comes with five keys, a 12 month warranty and the flexibility to have multiple Locks keyed alike. Cylinder Locks are also straightforward to upgrade at a later date by changing the internal cylinder. However, you could go straight for the ultimate Cylinder Lock Upgrade which is the Ultion Brisant Secure Lock that locks down under attack and if you are broken into through Lock Snapping during the whole 10 year warranty period, you receive a £1000 money back guarantee. We know that it is not just Front and Back doors that need to be securely locked which is why we also supply and fit locks to all External and Internal doors, Conservatories, Patio Doors, French Doors, Sheds, Outside Storage Units, Gates, Up and Over plus Electric Garage Doors and Electricity Meter Boxes. If you are considering reviewing your current lock situation or if you are planning in future upgrades, Call Leicestershire Locksmiths to help you make the best choice from Locking Solutions on the market today that fit into your security budget.

Commercial Locksmith

We offer a comprehensive listing of services with our Long Term Business to Business packages specifically tailored to suit your business needs whilst delivering 24/7 dedicated support ensuring your locks are fully functional, well maintained and comply with insurance requirements for all types of businesses in the Evington area. Commercial Lock management and installations include Keyless Entry Systems, Smart Locks, Digital Locks, Electronic Locks, Master Key Systems that allow different levels of access to areas within the business through the use of master and regular keys, Registered Key Systems, Shutter Locks, Door Closers, Push Pads and Bars, Emergency Door Hardware, Fire Safety Doors and all other types of Commercial Door Locks, High Security Commercial Door Lock Changes and a Door Opening Service. Professional Safe and Vault Engineers specializing in Safe and Vault work and can open Key Lock, Combination and Digital Safes. We remove Bank Vault Doors and carry out Vault Relocation Services. We have years of experience in securing properties and premises in the Commercial Sector and our Boarding Up Service is available for business properties requiring protection when closing down, Break-Ins, Vandalism, Criminal Damage, Fire, Accidental or Storm Damage. Our Property Service Contract with customised payment methods is specially designed with Landlords in mind. With one phone call from you, we will deal with the tenant directly on Out of Hours Calls for Window and Door Repairs, Changing Locks and gaining entry on Lockouts and Changing Locks when there is a change of Tenant. We will ensure all locks are changed or replaced in accordance with Fire Regulations dependent upon the tenancy agreements in place. Whether you are a small local business or a large multi-national company your security is important to us and our Commercial Locksmith Team are ready to quickly and efficiently deal with all your Locksmith requirements.

uPVC Window Repairs

Did you know there is a friendly, experienced and efficient uPVCWindow Repair Team near you with a comprehensive range of repairs that will cover all kinds of faults from resealing and Professionally reglazing your Double Glazed Windows to get rid of Condensation and Misting. Reset, Realign or Replace Hinges that have suffered from wear and tear or become damaged through force, especially if the window is not aligned within the frame and doesn’t open or shut easily. Replace the Window Lock Mechanism or the Gearbox which are the parts most likely to weaken with age causing the Window Lock to get jammed. If the Handle has become flimsy or stuck in position we can replace the Espagnolette Inline and Cranked Handles identified by the square spindle that projects out from the back as well as Cockspur, Casement and Tilt and Turn Handles. All types of Glass Replacement can be catered for with Double Glazing, Toughened Glass used in critical areas at home or in the workplace, Energy Saving K Glass which preserves heat and Self Cleaning Glass with its lifelong coating to naturally deal with breaking down and washing away organic dirt, making it ideal for Skylights and Conservatories. We have the popular traditional design of Georgian Bar Glass and if required we can supply and fit Glass with Lead Work. All repairs are completed in one visit and all parts fitted come with a 12 month warranty. Give your local uPVC Window Repair team a call anytime so that we can fix any type of window problem with a Same Day Service.

Auto Locksmith

Our in demand 24 hour Vehicle Unlocking Service is just what you need if you have locked your keys in the car in Evington, but not just Cars, we have a professional team of Auto Locksmiths who use specialist tools specific to the make and model of your vehicle to open Doors, Boots, Side Doors, Back Doors, Cabs, Heavy Duty Chains, Padlocks and Steering Wheel Locks on an extensive range of Cars, Vans, Trucks and Lorries without damaging the lock or scratching the paintwork. We can remove a Key that has snapped in the lock but you will need a spare key handy to continue your journey. Motorbikes are not left out and our Unlocking Service is used for Seat Compartments and Pillion Seats, Fuel Caps, Ignition Locks, Top Boxes, and we unlock and remove Security Chains and Padlocks. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you need us, save our number in your phone for when you need a fast response from our 24 hour Specialist Auto Locksmith in Evington.

Crime Prevention In Evington

As Professional and responsible Locksmiths in Evington it is important to us that everyone feels safe both at home and work. Regular Lock checks and maintenance will catch any signs of potential weakness in your security allowing you to act before an intruder tests your locks for you. If you think that a professional opinion would be helpful, we are happy to oblige with FREE Home Security Checks for residents and FREE Security Audits and Risk Assessments for businesses that will highlight issues and give answers to any of your Lock and Security queries. Additional Security Products are available from us that could help to reinforce your existing security such as Home Safes, Door Chains, Restrictors and Closers. Spy Holes available in different strengths. A Wifi Viewing Camera that links up to a TV in the house. CCTV Cameras with various capabilities from scanning a wide range to just focussing specific areas or blind spots. Next Generation Alarm Systems available in all sizes to suit all Residential and Commercial property types and for Commercial use only we offer Thick Fogging Systems with Strobe Lighting for Jewellery type businesses. If you have any issues with your Locks or Security, remember your local Evington Locksmith is available to support you and only a call away.