Locksmith Glenfield

Locksmith Glenfield Leicestershire Locksmiths have experienced local Locksmiths in Glenfield available 24 hours a day 7 days a week ready to carry out all aspects of the Locksmith trade. Fully insured Locksmith services are delivered by our well established company known for taking pride in its work and delivering 100% guaranteed quality workmanship at competitive and affordable prices constantly maintained by our Best Value Policy for the comprehensive list of services on offer. An Emergency Residential and Commercial Service, uPVC Door and Window Repairs, Lock Installations, Changes, Repairs and Replacement. Safe and Vault Work that includes Opening, Repairing and Relocation. A Vehicle Unlocking Service. Long Term Business Locksmith Service Contracts plus Sales and Fitting of New uPVC Doors, Door Accessories and Security Products. We offer same day appointments with a FREE No Obligation Quote which is the price you pay with No Call Out Charges or Hidden Extras added on and for convenience we accept payments in cash or by debit card in person or over the phone from a third party. Read on for more information on our Locksmith Services in Glenfield where we are committed to giving you the best service and dedicated to repairing, restoring, maintaining or improving your security.

Emergency Locksmith

A reliably fast response is what you can expect from our Emergency Service in Glenfield ready to be there just when you need us day or night 365 days of the year. Our Emergency Locksmiths are able to supply the full range of services by carrying out urgent Lock changes, repairing, replacing or installing Locks, repairing damage from a forced entry and extracting keys that have snapped in the lock. If you have locked yourself out of the house, we will get you back into your property using professional tools and methods that will cause no damage to the door or paintwork and leave the lock working just as it did before. Compliance of all current Health and Safety Regulations is observed when carrying out the Window Boarding Service for broken windows of any size, where we fit heavy duty Boarding materials to window and door frames that provides solid security and protection until the area can be re-glazed. There is no size limit to Boarding Areas and our 24 hour Glass Replacement Service covers a wide range of different Glass types. Our fully equipped and experienced team of Emergency Locksmiths will arrive on site ready to get to work, quickly and efficiently restoring security and peace of mind.

uPVC Door Repairs

Need a friendly and professional team providing 24 hour repair and replacement services for uPVC Doors in Glenfield? Our Door Repair Team are experts in working on uPVC, Composite or Wooden Doors and the variety of problems that can occur with them. Over time continuing to use a faulty door will probably cause further damage and one of the most common problems is Misalignment. This can happen to any door type where the door will not open or shut easily and draughts come through the gaps as the door doesn’t sit squarely in the frame. It could be because the hinges are worn or damaged and unable to support the weight of the door. Contraction or expansion of just 1mm due to extreme heat or cold in Doors can also cause potential problems to the way a door sits in the frame. We ensure that all doors have the correct hinges fitted, replace damaged or worn hinges and make any adjustments necessary including rehanging the door so that it is correctly placed into the frame. Worn or damaged Handles can become flimsy or stuck in position. It may be just a broken spring or spring cassette but it can also point to a problem with the multipoint locking system, central locking mechanism, or the gearbox that fits onto the mechanism strip indicating a need for repair or replacement with any one of those parts. We use superior uPVC Panels that incorporate MDF in the core as opposed to the cheaper Polystyrene filled versions for Panel Replacement on uPVC Doors with different thicknesses of 26mm 27mm and 28mm ensuring we get the right match for your door. Whatever the problem, if you have been told that you should buy a new door and would like a second opinion, give us a call as most uPVC Door faults are repairable and take advantage of our FREE No Obligation Quote and Same Day Appointments.

uPVC Door Accessories

First impressions count so make your mark on your home with one of our Brand New uPVC or Composite Front Doors. The specially selected range of popular uPVC Doors with their clean panelled appearance are available in Plain White or with decorative or Frosted Glass Inserts and a fabulous collection of Door-Stop Composite Doors in contemporary and traditional designs and in colours to suit all tastes. Our New Door Service will assist you in choosing the right door for you right through to the final fitting. Call or email us for a brochure to browse through or alternatively all the doors can be viewed online. We have a selection of optional extras from our range of Door Accessories with different options depending on the type of door you have. Classic and Modern Door Handles, Letterplates and Letterboxes available in different widths and Door Knockers all available in matching shades and finishes so that they can be co-ordinated and Numerals for the front of the house in styles and colours that mean you will never miss a delivery. We can replace uPVC Door Panels and install or remove Pet Flaps. We have Door Restrictors, Door Closers and our Hinge and Finger Protectors that can put an end to little fingers getting caught in the door. Call us for a friendly chat with no sales pressure if you have any questions on buying a New Door or the Accessories.

Lock Change

When you need Locks Installing, Changing, Replacing or Upgrading for both Residential and Commercial customers, call for our Locksmith in Glenfield, the team that has an abundance of knowledge and experience in all types of Locks and Security Solutions. For uPVC and Composite Doors the standard Lock we fit is the Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock with additional Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill protection safeguards. This all round solid Lock comes with a 12 month guarantee, 5 keys and the Locks can be keyed alike for multiple doors. If you want to upgrade a Cylinder Lock to increase the level of security, this is a straightforward process achieved by changing the inner cylinder. Or you could decide to fit an investment Lock straight away such as the Brisant Ultion Secure Lock which locks down under attack. This Lock comes with a £1000 Money back guarantee if access is gained through Lock Snapping within the 10 year warranty period. We provide all levels of Locking Solutions for External and Internal doors, Patio Doors, Conservatory Doors, Up and Over Garage Doors, Electric Garage Doors, Sheds, Lockups, Outdoor Storage Boxes, Perimeter Gates and Electricity Meter Boxes for all Residential and Commercial customers with choices of Keyless Entry Systems, Digital Locks, Electronic Locks, Master Key Systems, Registered Key Systems, Door ISecurity for Business, Shutter Locks, Door Closers, Push Pads and Bars, Emergency Door Hardware, Fire Safety Door and High Security Commercial Door Locks. We can open Key Lock, Combination and Digital Safes so just give us a call if your digital safe has locked you out, the key has got stuck or has snapped in the lock, the lock is damaged or faulty or you have forgotten the combination to the lock, we can help. You can rely on a professional job from our friendly and experienced Locksmiths backed up with our 100% Workmanship Guarantee, so in the unlikely event of any problems, rest assured they will be resolved for you quickly and with no hassle.

uPVC Window Repairs

Our uPVC Window Repair Team are able to offer immediate solutions when diagnosing Window faults and put them right with a comprehensive range of uPVC Windows repair options available. Different surface temperatures causes condensation on the external sides of Double Glazing which shows that it is doing its job, however it’s when the condensation forms between the two panes is when you have a problem. We can restore a clear view for you by professionally resealing and replacing the Double Glazing. For replacement Handles we have stock of the Inline and Cranked which are the two versions of the Espagnolette Handle commonly found on uPVC Windows, the Cockspur Handle normally found on older uPVC Windows plus Casement and Tilt and Turn Handles. Hinges can suffer from wear and tear and become damaged through force especially if the window is not aligned and doesn’t open or shut easily. We can replace the Hinges and will get the window working smoothly and sitting flush into the frame. It can do more harm than good using force if you have problems with the Locking Mechanism and Gearbox where the key turns repetitively but fails to engage with the lock or the lock jams. Both these parts can be replaced. Get your uPVC Windows issues fixed with repairs completed in one visit and all parts fitted come with a 12 month warranty so just give us a call for a FREE No Obligation Quote and a same day appointment.

Auto Locksmith

We are the company to call when you need a Vehicle Unlocking Service in Glenfield that is carried out by Specialist Auto Locksmiths available 24 hours a day to open Doors, Boots, Side Doors, Back Doors, Cabs, Heavy Duty Chains and Steering Wheel Locks on an extensive list of Cars, Vans, Trucks, Lorries and Motorbikes on the road today. We can also remove snapped keys from any Lock, but you will need a spare key to continue your journey. Using tools specifically designed for the make and model of your vehicle we gain access leaving the lock working as before and without scratch marks on the paintwork. Unlocking Services for Motorbikes include the Ignition and Fuel Cap, Seat Compartment and Pillion Seat, Top Boxes plus unlocking and removal of Heavy Duty Padlocks and Security Chains. Payments can be made in cash, by debit card in person or over the phone from a third party. Don’t panic if you have a busy day ahead or need to get home at the end of the night, you can rely on our 24 hour Auto Locksmith in Glenfield for a fast response to get you on your way.

Crime Prevention In Glenfield

Making regular checks on all Locks on Windows and Doors will catch any signs of potential weakness in your security and give you the opportunity to act before a problem occurs. If you would like a second opinion, get to meet us through booking a FREE Home Security Check or a FREE Security Audit and Risk Assessment for your business carried out by a professional Locksmith who will advise on the best security solutions that protects all of your home or business. If you are looking for security features available for Windows, the Window Hook prevents the window from opening to its full capacity and the Child Lock Restrictor stops the window from opening at all. The Cable is another good example of a window restrictor that only allows partial opening, helpful for those with a disability needing to open and close the window but without requiring a full reach. Other Security Products available from us include Home Safes, Door Chains, Door Restrictors, Spy Holes, WiFI Door Camera Viewers, CCTV Units that can scan a wide range or just specific areas like blind spots and Next Generation Alarm Systems with different grades suitable for both Residential and Commercial use. Locksmiths in Glenfield take pride in doing a good job and are only a call away for any of our services or just advice to help you keep your home or business as safe and secure as it can be.