Glass Replacement Leicester

Glass Replacement Leicester Quality Glass Replacement in Leicestershire for Doors and Windows in Residential homes, Council Buildings, Schools and Nurseries plus the Commercial sector including Shops, Business Premises, Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants is available 24 hours a day for same day appointments or to get a date in the diary to fit around your commitments for any type of Glass Replacement you need, whether it’s a small single pane in the back door, a decorative glass insert for a door, patio doors, or a large glass shopfront. No job is too big or too small for us. Leicestershire Locksmith is a fully insured, well established company with a friendly and experienced Glass Replacement team that works to high standards, gets the job done quickly and efficiently and takes care of our customers. Health and Safety Regulations are followed at all times during fitting, clearing up as we go and if required removing broken glass from the area. Making us an obvious choice to carry out your Glass Replacement needs where all the Glass we fit conforms to British Safety and Energy Standards is our Best Value Policy which keeps our prices consistently competitive and affordable. You can call us anytime for a prompt response or request a callback for a Glass Replacement expert to get straight back to you in order to receive your FREE No Obligation Quote that has no added Hidden Extras, No Call Out Charges and where payments can be made in cash, by card in person or over the phone by a third party. We will keep you informed all the way through with an arrival time and the name of the Glass Replacement team member attending so there will be no surprises, just a good job well done.

Emergency Glass Replacement Leicester

When calling for Emergency Glass Replacement in Leicestershire whether resulting from Accidents, Storm Damage, Break-Ins or Vandalism, all calls get a reliable, fast response. Our Emergency Out Of Hours team are on call 24 hours a day 365 days of the year restoring an immediate safe environment with our Boarding Service. We use high quality Boarding Materials fitted from the inside which will maintain security and protection, working quickly and efficiently without causing any further damage to the Door, Window or Frame and in doing so cause the minimum amount of further disruption to your business or home life until the Glass Replacement can be fitted. We have a 24 hour Glass Replacement offering a seamless service if applicable as windows that have been broken through a Break-In or Vandalism may have to wait longer for Police Reports and Insurance Company evaluations however you will find the boarding hold secure until you are given the go ahead. Emergency Glass Replacement for Boarded Áreas can be booked in at any time. You will be well looked after by the Emergency Glass Replacement Team in Leicestershire where our continuity of service will see the job right through from the beginning to the end.

What Type of Glass is Available?

In order to fulfill your exact requirements we have a comprehensive selection of glass options available for whatever type of glass you need replacing. Double Glazing commonly found in uPVC Windows, Toughened Glass critical where safety is required, Energy Saving K Glass that lets the heat in but also preserves the heat which is great for lowering winter energy bills, Self Cleaning Glass that cleans away organic dirt such as bird droppings on conservatory roofs, skylights and in commercial settings, Frosted Glass for bathroom areas, Patterned and Decorative Glass Inserts with a stylish selection of designs available for Windows and Doors in both Residential and Commercial sectors, Georgian Bar Glass offering that traditional Georgian design and the less common but still available is Glass with Lead Work used in churches. Instead of automatically replacing the glass like for like you may also consider changing the type of glass so if there is a type of glass you are interested in not mentioned here, we would be happy to source it for you. Wanting to help you make the right choice first time round, it is important to us to make sure you have all the information you need to make a well informed decision.

Do I Need Safety Glass in my Door?

There are critical areas in all types of homes and buildings that have a requirement for Toughened Glass in order to adhere to stringent Safety Regulations. Critical areas are considered to be any Glazed Areas from floor level up to 800mm above floor level. All Glazed doors whether fully or partially glazed and any Windows or Glazed Areas within 300mm of the door up to a height of 1500mm. All of these glazed areas must be fitted with Safety Glass. It is important to be aware of areas where Toughened Glass must be placed for either or both Windows and Doors in the home and in the Workplace. It is the whole pane of glass that must adhere to British Safety Standards even if only part of the glazed area falls within the critical area. Toughened Glass is five times stronger than Annealed Glass (non treated glass) and processed through a quick succession of heating and cooling shattering into small particles on impact which is less likely to cause serious injury. Annealed Glass is a much slower and more controlled process that breaks into shards on impact and is highly likely to cause serious injury. 4mm Toughened Glass commonly used in Residential properties has a safety marker inscribed into it which should still be visible after installation. Also popular with homeowners is Laminated Glass which has the same thickness as Toughened Glass but differs with a protective layer of vinyl sealed in between the two pieces of glass giving it good impact resistance and noise reduction with an additional safety feature in that it can’t be cut with glass cutters. It is our job to know and advise on all the requirements of where safety glass needs to be installed so please don’t worry if you don’t know or are not sure which areas of your home or business are affected, our friendly and professional Glass Replacement Team in Leicestershire are always on hand to help.

Glass Replacement in all Leicestershire Areas

Fitting Glass Replacements into uPVC Doors and Windows all over Leicestershire 24 hours a day 7 days a week ensures we have Professional fitters with knowledge of all the current rules and regulations regarding all types of Glass Replacement. Commonly we just need to replace the affected pane of Glass but we are also able to replace or repair the frame if required to do so, offer the flexibility of replacing one pane at a time or replace an existing pane with an alternative or a safer option. You name it and we can glaze it and include a comprehensive list of areas such as Double Glazed Windows, Plain Windows, Casement Windows, Tilt and Turn and Sash Windows, Bay Windows, Conservatories, Patio Doors, Skylights. Bathroom Windows plus Plain or Decorative Front and Back Door Glass Panels. The cost of replacing glass is a fraction of the cost that would involve replacing a whole door or window unit so don’t get conned, call us first if you have been told that your only option is a new Door or Window. Before you decide, we are happy to come out and give you an honest assessment of the situation. You can rely on our Quality Glass Replacement, a hassle free service and being well looked after by Budget Leicestershire Locksmiths.