Bailiff Leicester Locksmith

Bailiff Locksmith Leicester Not widely advertised as much as other parts of our business but a nonetheless significant part accommodates work with High Court Enforcement Officers, County Court Bailiffs and Repossession Agents. Once warrant protocol is in place we will attend at a prearranged time and date to gain entry and re-secure the premises. Leicestershire Locksmith is a Local company with a thorough understanding of the formalities of the job requirements offering a sensitive and professional service for Eviction, Bailiff, Repossession and Warrant work. We are a well established and fully insured company with a trustworthy, professional team who are punctual and reliable covering a 24hr shift pattern 365 days of the year. Our Best Value Policy has no Call Out Charges or Hidden Extras added on to our prices that are both competitive and affordable where the price quoted is the price you pay. Having trust in the team you are working with is assured with one of our Business Contracts where our local knowledge and locksmith experience can be relied upon to productively assist the work of your team to a successful conclusion. For further information regarding setting up a Business to Business contract or to book our services, we can be easily contacted by phone, email or by requesting a call back for an expert Locksmith to return your call to discuss your requirements and how our team can assist the work of your team.

Eviction Locksmith

When the contractual agreement between a Landlord and Tenant irrevocably breaks down, unfortunately Eviction may be the only course of action left open. Eviction work is a time critical operation and not a job that all Locksmiths want to do but you will find Leicestershire Locksmith a company you can rely on to be on site with you at any time of the day or night delivering a skilled service. An eviction can be an emotionally charged setting, so having a professional locksmith on site with a superior knowledge of Locks and supporting the Landlord by working quickly and efficiently will help to keep disruption to a minimum. Call us anytime for an experienced and reliable Eviction Locksmith available for work across Leicestershire.

Warrant Locksmith

For Officers in possession of a court order for Residential and Commercial Properties requiring a Warrant Locksmith for Warrant Work we are available to provide access throughout the Leicestershire area. We will need to take specific information prior to attendance relating to the type of premises and demands of the work required to be carried out in order that the Warrant Locksmith can arrive prepared with all necessary equipment to hand in order to complete the task. Using non destructive methods of working wherever possible, we will be able to gain access, deal with damaged locks, fit new locks and if necessary repair any damage caused by third parties whilst on site to safeguard the properties and premises. The 1954 Rights of Entry Act allows us to also work alongside Energy Company Warrant Officers for British Gas and other Gas and Electricity companies, for High Street Banks, Building Societies and Property Management Companies.

Bailiff Support

The final course of action left to Landlords and Property Owners and one which is not taken lightly is the regrettable formal and legal route to reclaim properties from tenants usually for reasons of on-going non payment of rent, refusal to vacate or long term anti social behaviour. A Locksmith will need to be in attendance with the attending Bailiff or Acting Officer who will enforce the warrant or private eviction. Using reasonable force a Bailiff is legally allowed to enter a property and will usually do this with a reputable Locksmith. With the services and skills of an experienced Locksmith in attendance a Bailiff or Acting Officer is legally permitted to enter a property or commercial premises using reasonable force. With a Locksmith on standby for any eventualities this will ensure access using non destructive methods and ensure the property or building is also left well secured. Access is not possible if a Warrant has been suspended or has expired, however having a Locksmith on standby may be needed to carry out repairs for property protection as the owner must then reapply to the courts to re-issue another Warrant Of Possession which can take up to 30 days. Other services that we offer as a Bailiff Locksmith include assisting officials with installing a pre pay gas or electric meter, enforcing a commercial debt at a commercial premises, unpaid business rates at a commercial premises or money owed to HMRC and Possession of Warrants or Writs for the eviction of tenants or squatters. Our professional and sensitive team of Locksmiths cover all aspects of the Locksmith trade and can be relied on to get on with the job required quickly and effectively. Call Leicestershire Locksmiths anytime for a 24 hour reliable and trustworthy service.

Repossession and Boarding Up

A Locksmith attending a Repossession may not only have to deal with Locks but also be required to offer temporary protection through a Boarding Up Service for a house or building that needs to be protected for a certain amount of time or in order to give protection against vandalism and damage being caused such as broken windows as well as preventing unauthorized access. Residential or Commercial there is no size limit to the area we are able to cover whether it’s a small window or a large glass display shopfront, we have the team that can do it all and if required, will assist by taking before and after pictures gathering evidence for local authorities or insurance companies. We work using strong high quality boarding materials and our non destructive methods ensure no damage to the frame or paintwork. Even if Boarding Up is not required on the same day, our 24 hour Service can be booked in or called upon at any time.