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Ultion Lock Upgrade Leicester This is by far the best upgrade you can make to your door, security comes first, although it does come with a higher price tag than the cost efficient anti-snap locks which are still an excellent protection to have, we remain extremely competitive on pricing for the Ultion lock cylinder upgrade, it's a cost well worth investing in if you are a home owner or business owner in Leicester, if you currently rent your home, the agent and landlord are under no obligation to upgrade or make improvements to your home security, though this should not stop you from talking with them to suggest an upgrade, because it's to benefit both the tenant and property owner. How to obtain your FREE no-obligation quote? simply call our friendly team on 0116 442 2087

What is the ultimate lock solution?

The Ultion lock cylinder by the brand Brisant, we call it the ultimate cylinder upgrade because simply it's the best and has been proven to be unbeatable for it's burglary prevention – naturally when you lock your doors, by turning the key you don't tend to think beyond this point, you would think by turning your key, the door is locked and your property is completely safe and secure, unfortunately this is not the case, the standard lock cylinder will not protect you from the lock snapping entry method, burglars have adopted this entry method all over the country, it makes it an extremely easy task for them to enter your property via your door within under 10 seconds by just snapping the lock cylinder.

Brisant Ultion lock cylinders meet the required criteria for property insurance, they look for lock cylinders that meet the Ts007 British Standard, the Ultion lock is Ts007 3 Star Diamond rated.

Demonstration of snapping a Standard Lock Cylinder (Non-Antisnap) in under 10 seconds, comparing to the unbeatable Ultion Lock.

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Why should you upgrade to an Ultion lock cylinder?

If you have an Anti-snap lock cylinder fitted already, that's excellent, everybody should have the opportunity to be protected against anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-pick burglary entry methods, by having an anti-snap lock cylinder already this doesn't guarantee to stop entry, however delays them incredibly which is an extremely important factor in burglary prevention, although this is the case for the standard anti-snap lock, when it comes to ULTION lock cylinders this brand does infact guarantee their burglary prevention, so much so they offer a guarantee that states if the burglar succeeds in gaining entry through disabling their lock cylinders then they will pay you £1000, so this means if entry is made successfully by snapping the Ultion lock within a 10 year period of installation, they will pay you that sum of money, this shows their love for security and dedication for developing security that works.

The Ultion lock cylinder price

Although the Ultion lock costs somewhat more than the standard anti-snap option, it's a cost you should consider investing in, with doors being the main target for entering your property, burglars seek opportunities for gaining access through doors, for instance locks that have been fitted incorrectly, wrong size thus making it overhang which is an opportunity to attempt a snap entry. Home owners often consider alarm systems prior to any other security solutions, alarm systems cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds, the alarm can alert you that an intruder is within the property, however most cases they spend this amount of money on an alarm system, forgetting their door lock possibly has cost them £5 which makes entry possible to the burglar because the lock has no snap prevention in there, therefore when budgeting for home security, it's advised to consider allowing enough funds for both anti snap cylinders and the alarm system.

Extras Available for Ultion Locks

We can supply various additional extras for the Ultion Locks, this ranges from cutting new Genuine Ultion keys, to fitting Keyring trackers to locate your keys via your mobile phone and accessories to main the keys and locks by Ultion.

  • Genuine Ultion Keys (Cut New Keys)
  • Ultion Key Caps (Various Colours)
  • Ultion Key Ring (Tracking Key Cap)
  • Ultion Graphite Lubricant (Maintain your Lock)