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Safe Lock Repair Leicester When people home owners or businesses purchase a security safe they never anticipate that it could require a service or repair by a safe specialist, however, like all other security equipment, it's not uncommon for security safes to break down, it's best practise to keep your safe well maintained, we can do just that, for you.

If you require help on choosing the right security safe, or require a specialist to repair, install or open your safe, call our team right a way on 0116 442 2087

Safes Leicester

If you are thinking of purchasing a security safe, it's likely you will require some advice to find the right safe for your specific needs, our security safe specialists can help you with just that.

You'll need to first narrow down exactly what you will be keeping within your safe, will it be cash, jewellery, or important documents? There are two main types of security safes to choose from which can be used by home owners or businesses.

  • Data Safes specifically aimed to prevent fire destruction of contents, suited for documents and computer data drives etc.
  • Security Safes this type is suitable for storing cash, jewellery etc.

Safe Insurance, it's best to check with your insurance company to ask exactly what requirements you need to meet, the insurers specific criteria such as fire proof and cash rating.

Types of safes we can supply

  • Fireproof Safes
  • Floor Safes
  • Hidden Safes
  • Key Safes
  • Gun Cabinets
  • Safety Deposit Boxes

It is crucial that you find a safe specialist that can meet all of your requirements. Our experienced and fully certified technicians at Leicestershire Locksmith will thoroughly assess your safe requirements and advise based on your specific individual home or business setup.

Safe Locksmith in Leicester

You may have seen films that featured criminals that appeared to crack safes with veritable ease using a stethoscope and a power drill, the truth is that it can take years of training to develop the correct techniques to not only open a safe but to do so without causing any permanent damage to the safe and its lock.

In some cases, a security safe opening may only require that the Leicester locksmith gently move the combination locks and carefully listen and feel for subtle changes in the locking mechanism. In other cases, opening a safe may require that the Leicester locksmith to drill into the safe. The experienced technicians at Leicestershire Locksmiths are experts in all of the requisite techniques and are fully schooled in the different drill points and technical aspects of each specific type of safe.

Leicester safe technicians

The professional security safe technicians are Leicester Locksmiths and are familiar with all types of safes; including, commercial and antique safes as well as jewellers safes and bank vaults. Each type of safe demands its own set of techniques and tools and the Leicester Locksmith technicians have years of experience and hands on field training in all of the varieties of safes and all of the latest techniques and technologies in safe opening.

Questions about Security Safe Locksmiths

Our experienced and courteous customer support team will be happy to assist you any time day or night, we will send one of our experienced security safe Leicester technicians to your location to open your safe if you have forgotten your combination or lost your safe key, or if you would just like some advice on the different type of security safes please call our Leicestershire Locksmiths team on 0116 442 2087

A safe is one of the most secure on-premises ways to store and protect your valuable items and sensitive information. But which kind of safe will suit you best? We're happy to advise and assist you choosing the best option for your circumstances, as well as providing professional security safe fitting services and installation.

We supply a full range of safes in nearly every size for home and commercial use.