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uPVC window Repairs Leicester

Here at Leicestershire Locksmiths, our team are trained not only to work on doors, but to carry out all work on windows too, meaning our highly experienced team can repair all types uPVC windows no matter the issue you may be experiencing. Some of the most common problems that eventually accrue with uPVC windows can be misted, fogged and condensation problems, faulty seals, misaligned hinges, and faulty mechanism's and locks. These are all problems that can be resolved and repaired without the need to go out and buy a new complete window unit or even be the case of being mis-sold and talked into buying a complete new window setup.

If your double glazing windows are suffering from any of these conditions, you need not worry, our prices are affordable and repairing your double glazed windows will be the better choice rather than to replace the window units themselves, we can replace and reseal the glass professionally. 0116 442 2087

uPVC Window Lock Repairs

uPVC window locks too can fail, whether that be the lock itself or the mechanism within, our team are able to diagnose all window lock issues and source the problem there and then if you are not able to see the problem yourself. We can also resolve problems such as snapped keys in locks and similar cases.

Draughts & Leaks

A common problem yet solvable, are cold draughts and leaks, draughts can accrue through broken seals and misaligned units, the same goes for leaks, our window experts can assess and diagnose with providing a free no-obligation quote.

uPVC Window Glaziers

If you require a Leicester window glazier, it's likely because you are experiencing one of many window problems that can accrue, in most instances it's because of misting and condensation build up within the double glazing. You need not worry, we can assess prior to carrying out the work and give you an instant quote.

With Leicestershire Locksmiths, you'll be sure to receive a No Pressure, No Hard Sales customer experience, our customer service is kept to the highest of standards at all times by continuously maintaining our company within. Why not call us for some friendly advice?.

uPVC Window Repairs Services

  • Double Glazed Window Repairs
  • Are your double glazed windows suffering from condensation? not to worry we can repair the double glazing.
  • uPVC Window Handles
  • Just like with doors, windows too can suffer with flimsy and broken handles accruing after continues use.
  • uPVC Window Locks
  • Faulty window locks to snapped keys within the lock, we can replace all types of upvc window locks.
  • uPVC Window Hinges
  • Another common fault with windows can be the hinges, whether that's through force or age related.
  • uPVC Window Lock Mechanism
  • uPVC window mechanism is one of the most common faults found, as with all parts, the mechanism is known to become faulty in time.
  • uPVC Window Gearbox
  • Like with the window mechanism, the window gearbox too can become faulty after continues use, we can access the windows prior to carrying out any work.
  • uPVC Window Spare Parts
  • Available we have all spare parts for uPVC windows, be that new handles, hinges, mechanism's, gearboxes, lock cylinders, we'll be sure to cater for all your requirements.
  • uPVC Window Hook
  • Window restrictors and child lock restrictors are an excellent safety feature to have fitted if you have children around or people with disabilities, this should hopefully give some peace of mind you have the windows covered for safety within your home.
  • uPVC Window Cable
  • A window cable is another example of a window restrictor available on the market, these are one of the best safety features you could implement. Talk to us for some friendly advice.

uPVC Window Repairs Customer Comments

  • We required a simple window lock replaced, Leicestershire Locksmiths made it a simple process with quoting the price over the phone prior. Very pleased with the service.

    - Leicester

    Service: uPVC Window Repairs

  • My window slowly became more difficult to use, not knowing how to solve it, I phoned Leicestershire Locksmiths, they came out to assess the problem first and quoted a price to fixed there and then if I wanted it done quickly, they replaced the mechanism and that resolved the issues it had, excellent service and affordable!

    - Loughborough

    Service: uPVC Window Repairs

  • Excellent service received, quick lock replaced, very affordable. Thank you

    - Leicester

    Service: uPVC Window Repairs